Window Cleaning in Florida— How do I get smear-free windows?

First things first — why do smears appear?

One of the main reasons they appear is leftover water on the glass. When you clean windows but don’t properly dry them afterwards, the water left leaves these stains and smears as it evaporates. Another way to get smears on your windows is if you clean them with a rag that has lint or is not properly cleaned.

  • Use a clean rag, best is an old towel — keep rotating it to use the clean parts
  • It’s much harder to do with sun on the glass. It makes rags get static and the dust can cling to the glass

Tip #1 How do you clean windows without smearing — the Eco-friendly solution

  • Bucket or other container
  • Sponge and rubber squeegee
  • White Vinegar
  • Scraper for window tapes or stickers
  • Microfiber cloth (or e-cloth)
  • Pour equal parts of the white vinegar and water. (I would recommend you to use distilled or purified water because sometimes the tapped water can leave marks)
  • Add around 15 ml of dishwashing liquid (if you use apprx. 4L of water). If you want a nice aroma, buy a scented dish soap)
  • Now, you have the eco-friendly homemade powerful window cleaning detergent.

Tip #2 How do you get streak free windows using high-tech products

In case you are looking for more advanced methods how to clean windows inside you can consider some tech gadgets that will make your life a little bit easier.

Tip #3 Using Windex to get clean windows without streaks

It’s common knowledge, Windex is the most popular glass cleaner in the US. According to research, it is one of the more popular brands for cleaning in the UK as well. It’s been one of the most popular methods for generations and that is with good reason:

  • The results are compelling — One of the secrets of Windex is the inclusion of ammonia cleaning agent. This is a very effective way of getting rid of hard to remove stains such as paint or fingerprints. Initially, the smell might bother you as it is quite unpleasant, but it disappears quickly, just like the stains.
  • It is safe — Due to the fast rate of evaporation, the health risks are very low. Even if you inhale a small amount, it won’t be a problem.
  • Versatility — Another pro of Windex is its versatility. You can clean not just windows, but other surfaces like marble, steel and a lot more.
  • It is effortless — Furthermore, it is easy to use. Spray — wipe — clean with a cloth, and that’s it. Simple, effective.

Tip #4 How to get streak-free windows with some help from a professional window cleaner

Before you ask for a help, make sure you hire the right window cleaners. The best way you know they are real professionals is to do a thorough research. You can check the reviews other customers leave and what services are offered. Most of the window cleaning companies offer a wide range of cleaning solutions like:

  • Work with a top notch equipment — The pros use a purified water while cleaning windows that works as a magnet to the dirt and leaves no streaks. Usually, it is used with a special equipment for high reach windows and which is known as a water fed-pole system. This solution is one of the most efficient and secure way to wash the inaccessible windows.
  • Get what you paid for — usually you give a reasonable amount of money to receive a professional, high-quality and long-lasting result that you may not be able to achieve by yourself.
  • Let someone else do the hard work — sometimes it’s better to leave this task to more experienced and qualified people and spend the time for something more pleasant.

Common Window Cleaning Mistakes

Mistake #1: Not Using The Right Tools

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